Montauk Mainstay

Ronjo Resort and Motel

Who: Originally, Irv and Flo Stuart in the 1950s
What: Former motel and decades­-old vacation photo backdrop
Where: 55 South Elmwood Avenue
Why: Great question
Insider tip: Even a gilded Ronjo still makes for a great pic, so snap away

Word is that the Ronjo (named after the owners’ two children, Ron and Joanne) Motel’s retro-­Polynesian architecture and mascot were part of what made Andy Warhol fall in love with Montauk. And then there’s the original brochure, which exclaimed, “ALOHA! This is the fabulous Ronjo... a wonderful world of pleasure and relaxation combining the exotic beauty of the South Seas, superb accommodations, and gracious hospitality. We invite you to this many­-splendored vacation paradise so carefully planned and dedicated to your complete comfort and enjoyment.” Need more reason to want to check out what’s left of the original place? Didn’t think so.






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