Montauk Mainstay

Our Story

Montauk Mainstay was born out of nostalgia for fluke fishing on the Lazybones with my dad and brother, early morning coffee and egg sandwiches from the Bake Shoppe, and family lobster roll dinners at Duryea’s.

A few years ago and more than a few miles away from Montauk, I set out to celebrate the history of Montauk’s unique local establishments—and capture the memories spent at each of them.

We like to think of our shop, online and in Montauk, as a well-curated chamber of commerce. We’ll help you figure out what’s what when you’re in town and send you off with a very cool tee or something else equally nice (which you’ll actually still wear once you get home), plus the experiences and stories to go along with it.

Montauk is our inspiration and true home, but the plan is to forge a connection with other towns cut from like-minded cloth, providing a platform to capture and celebrate the unique local places that define them.

Thank for visiting and we’ll see you in Montauk. 

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